The Metis Ecosystem Development Program helps existing blockchain projects, startups, and non-blockchain projects launched on Metis Layer 2 enjoy the low cost, built-in DAO structure, high efficiency, high scalability, high functionality, and ease of use of blockchain, while making their business sustainable for the future.

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Technical Support

Receive technical assistance from migration guidance to smart contract coding from knowledgeable and responsive Metis team members.

Marketing and Community Construction

Spread the word in social channels and publications to increase brand awareness, build your community (Metis token holders are eager to contribute to Metis growth, and thus the growth of its partners too), conduct roadshows (North America and China), and engage influencers.

Launchpad Expressway

Have a chance to gain fast-track listing on the Paid Ignition launchpad + associated platforms.

VC Introductions or Investment

Partner with InnMind to connect with leading venture capital firms like Autonomy Capital, 7 o'clock Foundation, and Master Ventures to back subsequent funding rounds.

Kickoff Grants (No longer available due to the high demand)

Gain kickoff grants to build on Metis Layer 2, earning as much as $10,000 in Metis tokens. Qualified company categories include:

  • DeFi (Swap/DEX, Wallet, Launchpad, Borrowing & Lending, Asset Management, Yield Aggregators, Derivatives, etc)
  • DAO
  • NFT
  • Collaborations
  • Games
  • dApps
  • Select Projects
Builder Mining

Grow within the Metis ecosystem, continuously receiving mining rewards from a pool of $1 million worth of Metis tokens, based on milestones achieved.

Grow your business via joint
business development in Asia,
Europe, and North America.