Ethereum Layer 1 limitations impeding your project?

  • High gas fees got you down?
  • Slow transactions quicken your frustration?
  • Storage constraints curbing your enthusiasm?
  • Coding smart contracts from scratch doesn’t feel so smart?
  • Difficult to build and even more expensive to scale?

→ Metis solves all of the above, plus more.

Metis = Ethereum x S6

Metis is solving Ethereum’s
six biggest challenges.
Simplicity. Speed. Storage.
Scalability. Security. Savings.

  Ethereum alone (Layer 1) Ethereum + Metis (Layer 2)
Transaction cost

Ethereum transaction (gas) fees are unstable and usually high, ranging from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars for your users.

Transactions made on the Metis Network are predictable, and only at a couple of cents.

😔 High 😃 Low
Transaction speed

When Ethereum network is busy, a single transaction can take up to a few hours to process.

Running through Metis, a transaction will complete in seconds.

😴 Slow 😉 Fast

Metis brings to Ethereum a number of rich, out-of-the box functions not easily available on Layer 1. These include micropayments, integration of microservices, reputation system, business applications, and incentivized social media DApps to support a thriving economy between creators, influencers, and fans.

😲 Limited 😎 Rich

Metis is making it simple for anyone to build on Ethereum without coding knowledge. Metis is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Metis middleware enables ease in deployment, management, and interface. It comes with a reputation tracking system, a permission layer to manage access easily, and in the very near future, aone-click deployment for any smart contracts you already have, or to create brand new ones.

😤 Difficult 😊 Easy
Affordable storage

Ethereum itself can store code (such as for smart contracts). But large data and file storage? Forget-about-it! It isn't what Ethereum is designed for. Basic data and file storage essential for an app can get so expensive, you’ll need to invest money into building additional complex infrastructure to store and work with data. That takes time, and makes your data vulnerable for hackers.

Metis comes with native decentralized and secure storage for as much data and as many files as you like, without the risk of security vulnerabilities or sunk cost fallacy. Ready for InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) integration. Ready for your today and tomorrow.

😳 None 😘 Native

High cost and slow speed of transactions, coupled with a lack of native storage and out-of-the-box functionalities make Ethereum-based business and app expensive to scale.

By guaranteeing low cost and high speed of transactions, plus native decentralized storage and on-demand multiplicity, Metis makes scalability predictable and affordable.

🧐 Expensive 🥳 Effective

Ethereum Layer 1 is secure by design. By adding Metis Layer 2, your project enjoys an additional level of security. Metis runs random verifications and validations of chain data using multiple sequencers (think 'hella fast'), and financially incentivizes Rangers to act as auditors for their assigned range of transactions.

☝1 Layer ✌2 Layers
DAO quickstart

It takes a few clicks to create and deploy your own Decentralized Autonomous Company/Corporation/Organization (DAC/DAO), without any coding required.

Metis makes it easy to manage permission-based roles, including who has the ability to create and manage Smart Contracts or storage settings.

With Metis, almost gone are the days when smart contracts need smart programmers to write complicated codes. In the very near future of Metis, smart contracts write themselves with a few clicks, from a library of pre-built templates of most common use cases.

Launch your own token to your heart's (and wallet's) content, also with a few clicks away.

❌ No 💯 Yes
Blockchain, chained 💣 Blockchain, unchained 🎉

How Metis is solving Ethereum challenges

For Blockchain Projects

Tired of hiking gas fees, and spending tons of money on development to extend limited functionality?

Grow your decentralized business boundlessly

Metis’s own optimistic rollup removes limitations from Ethereum, making it simple to migrate, run, and scale your DeFi, NFT, and blockchain project on Ethereum, while generating extra revenue from the decentralized builder mining.

Metis empowers your project with native decentralized storage for data and files on-chain, scalable and sharable in an affordable and secure permission-based way.

Join our ecosystem

For App Developers

Too much complexity to manage deployments, permissions, external storage, and DIY integration?

Build your decentralized idea effortlessly

Metis removes unnecessary complexities from Ethereum, making it easy to start, build, and run any decentralized apps, business, or communities on the Ethereum blockchain. No need to code smart contracts from scratch, enjoy one-click deployment instead.

Metis empowers your project with native decentralized storage for data and files on-chain, scalable and sharable in an affordable and secure permission-based way.

Try our Polis Middleware

For Everyone

Experiencing high gas fees, slow wait time, and difficult usability for even the simplest transactions?

Enjoy your crypto lifestyle painlessly

Metis removes frictions from Ethereum to power ETH transactions with incredibly low gas fees and fast speeds across the Ethereum blockchain. Besides, the days for hard-to-use wallets are almost over. If you can swipe a card, you can use Metis.

Coming Soon!

Find your use cases

In the near future, anyone, anywhere, can thrive in the decentralized economy with Metis

DeFi 2.0
DeFi 2.0
NFT Minting & Trading
NFT Minting & Trading
Freelance Business
Freelance Business
Social Reputation Business
Social Reputation Business
Gig Economy
Gig Economy
Sharing Economy
Sharing Economy
Community Economy
Community Economy
Open Source Projects
Open Source Projects
Volunteer Projects
Volunteer Projects
Developers Community
Developers Community

can thrive
in the


To accelerate the transition of people to blockchain for open, fair, and decentralized business on Web 3.0.


To create an easy-to-use technical and organizational platform, making blockchain accessible to everyone, empowering both personal and professional lives.


Metis is a decentralized economy platform to start, run, and grow any decentralized app, business, and community on the blockchain with ease and scalability.


Is Metis integratable to my existing website/ app/ business/ platform ?
Yes, we can integrate with your existing platform without you moving or changing any of your code.
Is Metis compatible with Ethereum EVM?
Yes, as a Layer 2 solution, Metis is 100% compatible with Ethereum Layer 1, and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
Is Metis ready for market?
Almost, check out our public roadmap for details.
Is Metis too good to be true?
It may appear so, yet it’s true. It’s not too good, just really really really good.