Metis is the first Layer2 running a decentralized sequencer!
This achieves full decentralization in Layer 2 networks, eliminate single points of failure, and properly align incentives across all network participants.
Decentralized Sequencer Governance
After successful completion of the Community Testing on the testnet, we are ready to move to the next step and enable Decentralized Sequencers on the mainnet.

Read more about the governance procedures related to the Decentralized Sequencers.
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Architecture of Sequencer
Metis Node
Cube imageCube image
Metis Sequencer node, which includes modules such as L2Geth, OP-node, batch submitter, and MPC node, responsible for multi-signature key and submitting transactions to L1.
PoS Node
Hexa imageHexa icon
The decentralized solution's newly added PoS node (tentatively named POS, subject to change). The core business is the processing logic of the decentralized solution.
User iconUsers icon
A component used for P2P communication and reaching consensus among multiple nodes, provided by the open-source cosmos-sdk project.
padlock iconpadlock icon
A smart contract on the Ethereum network responsible for lock-up and list maintenance of decentralized nodes. 
Running a Sequencer Node
Running a sequencer node imageRunning a sequencer node mobile
For the Network
For the Sequencer
For the Network
Decentralization icon
By participating in the consensus process, Sequencers play an essential role in maintaining the network’s decentralization, transparency, and stability.
Security icon
With multiple nodes or entities participating in sequencing, it becomes more challenging for malicious actors to control or compromise the order of transactions.
For the Sequencer
Rewars icon
Sequencer nodes have the opportunity to earn METIS tokens as rewards for their role in block production and transaction processing within the network.
Community icon
Active participation can increase recognition within the community, creating possibilities for future collaborations, and potential partnerships.