Optimistic Rollup Demystified

Optimistic Rollup(OR), a promising Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has gained a lot of attention recently with the test net launched and a bunch of industry-leading teams working on the applications.

But OR is still in a small circle of Ethereum fans and Defi degens. We MetisDAO as one of the teams in exploring OR, are quite convinced that OR is the treasure under-hunted. Besides the payment use case, OR can be applied to many other use cases, such as Collaboration Governance, which is MetisDAO working on.

So, we planned an online seminar to introduce OR and different use cases to the community.

We invited:

Chinmay Patel from BlockX Labs as the moderator,

Yuan Su, the tech lead of @MetisDAO to introduce some fundamentals of Optimistic Rollup and the use case in collaboration governance.

Nick Dodson, the co-founder and lead dev of Fuel Labs to introduce the vision and practice of Fuel Labs regarding OR.

Part 1

Part 2

To wrap up the use case of how MetisDAO is leveraging OR in collaboration governance, here are some key points.


  • Blockchain fueled collaboration.
  • Collaboration happens on L2.
  • No GAS.
  • Fast transactions
  • Highly scalable.
  • Empower Defi 2.0

Implementation Phase 1

  • Single token deposit and withdraw (Using a token bridge contract)
  • Permissioned aggregator
  • More aggressive fraud prevention (Dynamic minimum bond)

Implementation Phase 2

  • General token deposit and withdraw

Implementation Phase 3

  • Confidentiality


  • Low cost
  • Highly scalable
  • More functions
  • Mainstream adoption

Contributed by Yuan Su, Co-Founder and Tech Lead of MetisDAO

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