Metis Partners with PAID Network

Metis Partners with PAID Network

Metis Partners with PAID Network

Elena Sinelnikova, Co-Founder and CEO of Metis said:

– “From its commitment to making business more efficient to its strong track record as a leading launchpad operator, PAID Network shares so much in common with Metis when it comes to using innovation to help companies succeed. With PAID now deploying Metis Layer 2 technology to partner with us and scale its business, that common bond gets even stronger.”

The deepening of ties between PAID and Metis will also enable PAID to join the Metis Ecosystem Development Program and provide investment, funding, tech muscle, and launchpad support for projects that operate in the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem. PAID and Metis will work closely on co-marketing, promotions, and global community building with an emphasis on building an engaged and driven Chinese-speaking community.


Kyle Chasse, CEO of PAID Network, said:

– “Our partnership with Metis represents a valuable stepping stone for both our Apollo-X and Ignition launchpad platforms and their respective communities. Metis’ Layer 2 solution, called the Metis Rollup, makes building and running dApps much cheaper and much more efficient, while providing far greater scalability and a higher level of functionality than Ethereum alone can offer. Metis’ Layer 2 solution will allow us to scale Apollo-X and Ignition even further and provide a more cost-effective and efficient user experience for both communities.”


About Metis

Based on the spirit of Optimistic Rollup, Metis is building an easy-to-use, highly scalable, low-cost, and fully functional Layer 2 framework (Metis Rollup) to fully support the application and business migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Its scalable protocol supports a wide range of use cases, including yield farming, DEX trading, and powering the gig economy via dApps that offer cheap and fast micropayments.

Metis integrates the Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC) framework within its Layer 2 infrastructure, a differentiating factor that makes it easy for any developers, builders, or community leaders to build their applications and communities. It also makes it easy to use the pre-set tools to facilitate their development, manage collaboration, and enjoy the network effects of the world’s largest decentralized finance ecosystem, without the costs and bottlenecks normally associated with Ethereum.

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